Written In Red Scholarship – Timeline 2021


Mon., Feb. 8, 2021                 Scholarship information and timeline sent to Cloudcroft, Hagerman, Lake Arthur High School.


Mon., Feb. 22, 2021               Application open at writteninredfoundation.com


Fri., March 12, 2021              Scholarship application deadline


Fri., March 19, 2021               Scholarship application packets sent to scholarship committee members.


Fri., April 16, 2021                  Scholarship selections from scholarship committee members due back to Written In Red Foundation.


Mon., April 19, 2021               Meeting/Conference call with all scholarship committee members for final scholarship selections.


Wed., April 21, 2021               Scholarship acceptance letters sent to applicants receiving a scholarship. List of scholarship recipients sent to                                                             Cloudcroft, Hagerman and Lake Arthur High School.


Mon., April 26, 2021               Scholarship information packets sent to “new” Written In Red Scholars at Cloudcroft, Hagerman and Lake Arthur High                                                 school.

May 2021                                Award Ceremony/Dinner - TBD

Fri., May 29, 2021                  New Written In Red Scholars must download the Contract Release Waiver, complete it and email to the                                                            Written In Red Foundation

                                                Please include with the Contract Release Waiver:

                                                   1. Final Transcript from your High School

                                                   2. Acceptance letter from the educational institution to which the scholarship will be paid

                                                   3. Financial aid award letter/financial aid package offered to you by your first-choice college

                                                   4. List of all scholarships received, including amount of scholarship and duration of scholarship

Thur., July 8, 2021                      Deadline to transfer schools for the Fall 2021 semester. (A transfer form must be completed and emailed

                                                    to scholarship@writteninredfoundation.com)

Mon., August 9, 2021                  Fall 2021 Award Checks Mailed to the colleges.

Tues., Dec. 21,2021                   Deadline to transfer schools for the Spring 2022 semester. (A transfer form must be completed and emailed

                                                    to scholarship@writteninredfoundation.com)

Tues., Dec. 21, 2021                   Fall 2021 GPA’s, updated grad plans, Fall statement of accounts & new Spring schedules due for current Written In Red                                                              Scholars. These must be emailed to scholarship@writteninredfoundation.com in ONE email with your full name in subject                                                            line.(Students must meet the deadline to be eligible for the Spring 2022 semester funding.)